About the Designs



The Pink Flower is originally a photo of a lavatera trimestris (annual mallow) growing in our garden.

Chris shot a photo of the flower and digitally altered it, and now it's featured on several products in the collection.


Leufel is a word made up of the English word "little" and the German word "Teufel" which translates to devil. Leufel is a little devil, and the "eu" is pronouncen like the "oy" in the English name "Lloyd".

Leufel sounds almost similar to the Danish word "løjser" which means "loafer".

Chris: My late granddad called me "løjser" when I was a kid. 40 years later I finally pictured a "løjser", and since I've moved from Denmark to Germany, I named the character "Leufel".


Chris: The soap bubble design came naturally since a soap bubble reflects the colors of the rainbow, and we love colors.

It's also fragile, and on the black background it symbolizes the transition from being a person with a dark mind to being someone with a colorful shine from the outside and in.